General Terms and Conditions for ISIS Seminars

Version 2023, effective September 28, 2022 - Replaces version 2021 dated December 10, 2020.

1. scope

These general terms and conditions apply to all ISIS seminars concluded with the ISIS seminar organization. By registering for an ISIS seminar, the participant agrees to these general terms and conditions and is bound by them.

The ISIS Seminar Organization is commissioned by the ISIS Institute for Swiss and International Tax Law (hereinafter also referred to as "ISIS") to conduct the ISIS continuing education events. The ISIS Seminars AG, a subsidiary of ISIS, is the legal entity of the ISIS Seminar Organization. Whenever reference is made in the following to the ISIS Seminar Organization, this means in the legal sense that Seminare ISIS AG is authorized and obligated.

These GTC also apply to events held exclusively (e.g. as webinars) or partially (e.g. transmission via streaming) digitally as well as to seminars abroad, unless the special provisions listed in Appendix I "Special Provisions for ISIS Online Events" or in Appendix II "Special Provisions for Seminars Abroad" apply.

2. registration

Registration is done electronically for the corresponding event. The ISIS seminar organization may limit the number of participants for individual events. Details can be found in the respective announcement.

The registrations will be considered in the order of their arrival. After your registration, you will receive a confirmation and an invoice for the seminar fee from the ISIS seminar organization or an auxiliary person (e.g. technical event platform). Both will be sent to you by e-mail

3. confirmation of the registration

The event contract between the participant and the ISIS seminar organization comes into effect with the aforementioned confirmation of registration.

4. program changes and cancellations by the ISIS seminar organization

The ISIS Seminar Organization reserves the right to cancel events due to under-participation or other circumstances that make implementation unreasonable from the perspective of the ISIS Seminar Organization. Furthermore, the ISIS Seminar Organization reserves the right to make changes to the events for significant reasons while safeguarding the legitimate interests of the registered participants. Likewise, dates may be postponed and seminar leaders or speakers other than those announced may be used. In this case, there is no right to a refund of the seminar fees, not even partially.

If an event is definitely cancelled, the fees already paid will be refunded to the participants; a reasonable deduction for services already provided (in particular documents) or partial substitute services (e.g. digital substitute event) remains reserved. Any reimbursement of further costs is excluded, unless ISIS Seminar Organization has caused such costs through gross negligence.

5. financial provisions / terms of payment

The event fee is due and payable before the start of the event. Absence from the seminar due to military service, illness, maternity, accident, vacation, workload, etc. does not entitle the participant to a reduction or refund of the fee. The fees include the services and documents according to the announcement.

The ISIS seminar organization reserves the right to block or exclude participants from the event who do not meet their payment obligation in due time. In case of late payment, interest on arrears of 5% p.a. will be charged from the due date of the invoice.

6. discounts

Discounts granted by ISIS Seminar Organization can only be claimed if the conditions defined for the discount are fulfilled at the time the event is held. If a discount is claimed, the beneficiary must prove that the conditions have been fulfilled. If the discount conditions are no longer fulfilled or the proof is missing, the entitlement to the discount is forfeited. Any rebates received in excess will be recalculated. The various discounts cannot be cumulated.

The ISIS seminar organization grants discounts for the following persons:

a. Members of ISIS as individuals

b. Members of ISIS as a company; discount for each person participating.

c. Employees working for a tax authority or a court; discount for each participating person

d. Persons under 35 years of age or in education or training* (only available for seminars starting in 2023)

* Proof of education or further training required (information can be obtained from the ISIS seminar organization office)

The amount of the respective discount can be seen at the time of registration.

The reductions according to a. and b. above are only available alternatively. However, the reductions mentioned above under c. and d. are cumulatively possible and can also be cumulated with the reductions according to a. or b. above.

Discount entitlements must be noted at the time of registration.

7. withdrawal before the event

Cancellation before the start of the event must be communicated in writing by the participant(s). A cancellation can be made free of charge up to 90 days before the seminar. After that, the full fee will be owed in the event of cancellation; the documents will be made available to the participant.

8. substitute registration before the start of the event

A replacement registration is possible free of charge until 12.00 noon on the last working day before the start of the event at the latest, provided that documents already received are returned or passed on at the same time.

9. arrival and accommodation

Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the participants. The ISIS seminar organization arranges the contact to the seminar hotels and negotiates, as far as possible, discounted conditions with them. However, it is neither a contracting party nor is it responsible in any other way for the hotel offer.

10. possibility of exclusion on the part of the ISIS seminar organization

The ISIS seminar organization reserves the right to exclude a participant from an event due to illegal, immoral, immoral and disciplinary misconduct. The entire costs of the event according to the event contract and possible damages are to be paid by the excluded participant(s).

11. locations

The ISIS seminar organization reserves the right to change a location and to hold the corresponding events at a different location than advertised or online.

12. insurance

The conclusion of an accident and liability insurance or other necessary insurances is the responsibility of the participants.

13. copyright protection

The participants acknowledge that the documents and the contents made available on the online platform operated by the ISIS seminar organization or by third parties on its behalf enjoy copyright protection. Any duplication, distribution or other use of this content beyond the participant's own private use is expressly prohibited. Legal action may be taken in the event of infringement.

14. data protection

By registering, participants agree to the handling and processing of personal data in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act for the purpose of processing the training event and to the sending of subsequent information by ISIS and/or the ISIS seminar organization or third parties commissioned by the latter with the implementation of an event in connection with vocational training until revoked. The ISIS Seminar Organization as well as ISIS as the client undertake to use all data confidentially and not to pass them on to third parties. The ISIS Seminar Organization as well as third parties commissioned by it are also entitled to pass on data to other companies if this is necessary for the provision of the service of the ISIS Seminar Organization, e.g. in the case where more than one company is involved in the implementation of a further education event.

More information about the privacy policy of ISIS Seminar Organization.

Furthermore, the disclosure of data to which the ISIS seminar organization is legally obligated (e.g. legal accountability) remains reserved. By signing the registration form, the participant expressly agrees to these principles.

15. photos, videos and sound recordings

We would like to point out that pictures (photo, video) as well as sound recordings taken at the event can be used in publications of ISIS or the ISIS seminar organization.

Furthermore, by registering for an event that can also be booked for online participation only, the participating person acknowledges and agrees that the event will be streamed live and also recorded on video. This recording will be available for viewing for a limited period of time by both online-only and on-site participants.

With the registration you agree to this use. If you do not want this, please inform the ISIS seminar organization in writing before the start of the event.

16. liability

Neither ISIS, the ISIS seminar organization or third parties commissioned by them as organizers, nor the persons responsible for the seminar presentations and lectures assume responsibility for the consequences of the consulting activities or other actions of the participants, even if these are based on statements or documents that were given at ISIS events or in connection with such events. In case of doubt, the participants are obliged to protect themselves accordingly.

Furthermore, the liability of the organizers (ISIS or ISIS Seminar Organization as well as any third parties commissioned by them to carry out the event) for services provided by third parties and auxiliary persons is excluded. This also applies to links to content and offers of third parties, for whose legality, correctness, completeness and availability no responsibility or liability is assumed. Likewise, the organizers are not liable for damages caused by computer viruses and other harmful computer programs such as malware or spyware.

The liability of the organizers is in any case limited to intentional or grossly negligent violations of contractual and non-contractual obligations for which the organizers are responsible and have been proven. Liability for consequential damages and lost profits is excluded.

17. final provisions

Changes to the General Terms and Conditions of ISIS Seminar Organization as well as the currently granted discounts will be communicated by publication in a suitable form on the Internet when they come into effect and will apply to all participants. Individual, supplementary or amending agreements require the consent of both contracting parties and the written form to be effective.

In the event that the GTC are amended, they shall apply to all contracts as of the effective date. For contracts already concluded before this date, the GTC valid at that time shall continue to apply.

Appendix I "Special Provisions for Virtual Participation in ISIS Seminars and ISIS Online Events" and Appendix II "Special Provisions for Seminars Abroad" are an integral part of these GTC.

18 Jurisdiction / Applicable Law

The event contract shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. The courts in Zurich shall have jurisdiction for any disputes.

Appendix I "Special Provisions for Virtual Participation in ISIS Seminars and ISIS Online Events".

I. Scope

The ISIS seminar organization conducts online events with exclusively virtual participants. In addition, ISIS can also allow virtual participation for physically held events (hybrid delivery). In both cases, virtual participation is provided in cooperation with one or more external providers via their virtual event platform. A contractual relationship between the participants and the operators of the virtual event platform (referred to as "platform" or "platform operator") does not arise.

By registering for online participation, the participant additionally agrees to and is bound by these special provisions to the general terms and conditions.

These provisions apply in addition to the GTC. In the event of any contradictions, the special provisions of this Annex shall take precedence over the general provisions in the GTC.

II. User account

To participate in an online event, participants must create a user account on the platform. Via this account, they participate in the event and can obtain all documents. Participants are responsible for protecting their access data (including password) from unauthorized access by third parties and for treating it confidentially and not disclosing it to anyone. Any loss, theft or unauthorized use of access data (password, user name, e-mail address, etc.) must be reported to the platform operator immediately upon becoming aware of it. In the event of violations such as multiple use of the user account, ISIS reserves the right to block access and delete the user account at any time without any further obligations on the part of the organizer.

In addition, the terms of use of the platform operator apply, which you can find here:

III. confirmation of the application

The event contract between the participant and the ISIS Seminar Organization comes into effect with the written confirmation by the ISIS Seminar Organization or the registration confirmation sent by the platform operator.

III. withdrawal before the online event

In deviation from Art. 7 of the GTC, a cancellation can be made free of charge up to 8 working days before the start of the booked online event.

Annex II "Special Provisions for Seminars Abroad".

I. In deviation from Art. 6 of the GTC, only the seminar prices and discounts expressly stated in the invitation to tender apply to seminars abroad.

II. In deviation from Art. 7 of the GTC, a confirmed registration is binding as of the date stated in the announcement (registration deadline) and 100% of the seminar fee is owed in the event of a later cancellation.

III. In deviation from Art. 8 of the GTC, a replacement registration is only possible up to 5 working days before the start of the seminar.