Startups - tax and tax law challenges (1/2)

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Webinar - ISIS) - Institute of Swiss and International Tax Law
Pin Location - ISIS) - Institute of Swiss and International Tax Law
Online - ISIS) - Institute of Swiss and International Tax Law
Pin Location - ISIS) - Institute of Swiss and International Tax Law
Online - ISIS) - Institute of Swiss and International Tax Law
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Info - ISIS) - Institute for Swiss and International Tax Law
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Ruth Bloch-Riemer


The step from the business idea to its implementation needs to be well planned. A large number of different elements can be found under the collective term "start-up". Whether a start-up is financially successful depends not only on the business idea and its implementation, but also on the structure from the perspective of the owners. Over the life cycle of a start-up, various tax and legal issues need to be considered and stumbling blocks overcome. These, as well as the opportunities and planning possibilities, will be addressed in depth from a practical perspective in this two-part seminar. Part 1 is dedicated to the start-up and development phase.

Part 2/2 "Refinancing and Exit", scheduled for June 2024, focuses on the one hand on the expansion and refinancing phase including restructuring. On the other hand, however, also on succession planning including liquidation and winding up.

The two seminars are self-contained and can also be booked separately.

Main topics

  • Start-up financing
  • Legal aspects of the employment of employees
  • Business idea protection
  • Taxation of profits and handling of losses
  • Structuring the supply chain
  • Sales markets at home and abroad
  • Social security aspects of the participation of founders and employees
  • Pension solutions for start-up entrepreneurs

- Program -

Tax aspects of the establishment and development of the start-up



Tax aspects founder/shareholder, profit taxation, financing models, structuring supply chain, sales market domestic and abroad
Rebecca SchwarzenbachRebecca Schwarzenbach
 Patrick Scherrer Patrick Scherrer

Successful involvement of founders and employees



Tax and social security aspects of the participation of founders and employees - planning options and stumbling blocks
Stefan OesterheltStefan Oesterhelt
Susanne SchreiberSusanne Schreiber

Occupational pension plans: opportunities and limits



Obtaining pension funds to finance the start-up, pension solutions for the start-up entrepreneur
Peter LangPeter Lang
Simon homeSimon home

Legal aspects of structuring a start-up



Legal forms; possibilities/limitations of financing; employment of employees; protection of business idea and data; stumbling blocks
Raphael AnnasohnRaphael Annasohn
Luana StämpfliLuana Stämpfli

Start-up landscape Switzerland: How is it developing in terms of numbers?



Commercially, what are the most important factors and framework conditions for successfully building a start-up? Field reports and practical aspects of start-up founders in various industries.
Alan FreeAlan Free
Sarah SchlagenhaufSarah Schlagenhauf
Nadine OppenheimNadine Oppenheim

- Program end -

Useful tips

Online / Hybrid

You can participate in this seminar both on-site and virtually.


Members of ISIS, employees of courts and administrations as well as persons under 35 years of age or in training receive a discount on the regular seminar price (for details see section 6 of the GTC).

Professional training

Participation in the one-day ISIS) seminar is confirmed with 8 lessons of professional development.

Included in the price

Documentation; in case of on-site participation also stand-up lunch and refreshments during breaks

Why ISIS Seminars?

  • Top speakers
  • Exclusive venues
  • Personal networking
  • High quality documents
  • Detailed solution instructions
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Compact seminars

You want to build a solid foundation: Compact seminars

In the compact seminars, you will acquire the basic knowledge of Swiss and international tax law in individual topic-related modules. These basics are supplemented by the latest developments in tax law.

The compact seminars are usually one-day events at a central location, but they can also be attended as an online event via streaming.

For preparation and for reference after the seminar, you will receive documents with case studies and detailed solution instructions. The seminar will focus on discussing the case studies.

Integration seminars

You want to think outside the box: Integration seminars

On the one hand, the integration seminars provide you with the basics from cross-tax knowledge areas, for example basic legal and business management knowledge. On the other hand, you can deal in depth with the tax issues arising in this context on the basis of practical case studies.

The integration seminars are usually one-day events with introductory speeches as well as presentations on the respective cross-tax topics. The tax-specific issues are dealt with by discussing case studies.

In-depth seminars

You want to get to the bottom of tax law: In-depth seminars

The in-depth seminars provide an intensive examination of complex tax issues. The in-depth seminars are mainly or exclusively designed as workshops. After a brief introduction to the topic, practical examples are presented with the aim of stimulating in-depth discussions.

In order to leave enough time for the exchange of ideas
also outside the workshops, the in-depth seminars are partly two-day events, where special emphasis is also placed on the ambience.

The in-depth seminars are aimed at experienced tax professionals and those who want to become one.

Working Skills Seminars

You want to develop your secondary virtues: Working Skills Seminars

Within the framework of the working skills seminars, you can train your non-tax-specific skills that are important for success in tax practice. For example, working techniques, creativity or communication skills.

These seminars are held only sporadically.

Update Seminars

You want to be "à jour": Update seminars

In the update seminars, we take changes in tax legislation as well as in related areas of law and changes in tax practice by tax authorities as an opportunity to take a close look at the effects on tax practice. In doing so, the basics are also presented, as far as this makes sense.

Update seminars also include the 90-minute webinars, which are held exclusively online during lunchtime. They focus primarily on current developments.

Seminars Romandie

The ISIS in French-speaking Switzerland

ISIS is also present in French-speaking Switzerland and offers seminars in French. As a rule, these are in-depth seminars. The topic is always selected in the light of current developments.

Tax Trips

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The Tax Trips take you abroad and offer the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant. You travel to other countries and get to know not only their tax peculiarities, but also their cultural and culinary specialties. The training events are carried out in close cooperation with local institutions as well as tax experts practicing on site.

Tax Trips take place only sporadically.